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Interested in developing computational tools to make the world a better place to live? Consider applying to join my group as a master’s or PhD student. There are no current postdoc openings. Before applying please review my research page and my recent video interview (shown below) to see if my group’s research focus is a good fit for you.

I am seeking students with significant interest in mathematics, chemical engineering, and computer programming that are excited about employing these fundamentals to solve real-world decision-making problems. The current search is for students that can start in 2024. Required qualifications include:

  • Genuine excitement for the research focus of my group
  • A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering (or similar) completed no later than summer 2024
  • A competitive academic GPA (minimum requirement is an 80% average for every degree)
  • High proficiency in English (i.e., 7+ IELTS score (or equivalent) or native speaker)
  • Comply with all program requirements set by UWaterloo (please review the department’s graduate program webpage)

Preferred qualifications include:

  • Computational research experience, especially pertaining to optimization and data science
  • Strong background in mathematics
  • Proficiency with computer programming (e.g., Python, Julia)
  • Excellent technical writing ability

Please note that the primary focus of our research group is NOT machine learning, but rather on optimization (i.e., decision-making) techniques which can leverage data-driven models to improve our modeling capabilities for real-world systems.

To apply, please email with the following information/format:

  • Subject line: “Student Application for MASc/PhD Position” (selecting MASc or PhD as appropriate)
  • Email body: Briefly introduce yourself and summarize why you would like to join my group
  • Attachments (PDFs only): CV/resume, academic transcript for each degree, English proficiency test results (if applicable), and a technical writing sample (e.g., an article or report) if available

Before applying make sure you meet the minimum requirements described above and those set by UWaterloo. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Every application will be carefully reviewed, please do not send multiple emails. You may not receive a response immediately, but rest assured every application will be reviewed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this all the way to the end!


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